Religion the Basics, third edition (coming soon)



I need your advice, comments, and suggestions!


I have been working on the third edition of Religion the Basics for the past couple of years.

After getting some very helpful reviewers’ comments, I have restructured the book, with some new chapters, along with some chapters and sections either taken out or moved and revised in other chapters.

Like most academics, perhaps, I have been procrastinating about reaching the perfection that I would like to achieve for this book.

I have now set myself the objective of finishing the revisions in the month of October, so that the book can with the publishers Routledge and out in print around this time next year.

So please help me do this!

I will describe below what the main changes are, to give you an idea of the new shape of the book.

I will be posting on my website here some drafts of sections, or even chapters, over the next couple of weeks.


Advice and feedback wanted:

If you have any of the following advice, comments or suggestions, please get in touch, by email (, on Facebook (malorynye), or on Twitter (@malorynye).

  • What bits of the current edition (second edition, 2008) don’t work so well for you?
  • What is missing from the current edition that you think really should be there in an intro book like this?
  • What feedback do your students give on various chapters?
  • As a student, what would you like to see (or not see) in the book?
  • What are the key texts for you in 2015 for the academic study of religion and culture?


So, the new edition is having quite a makeover.

I thought it would be straightforward (lol), and that is why I have missed several publisher’s deadlines to get the draft ready for print.


New Structure of the Book

This is what the structure will be like (click on the chapter title to go to a new page with details of changes):

Chapter 1        Religion Some Basics

Chapter 2        Power

Chapter 3        Gender

Chapter 4        Race / Ethnicity [new chapter]

Chapter 5        Belief

Chapter 6        Ritual

Chapter 7        Texts

Chapter 8        Culture [heavily revised/almost new chapter]


So that’s it roughly.

If you’re interested and would like to see how it pans out I will be uploading bits and pieces from the new draft over the next few weeks.

If you are currently using the book in your course, I will be happy to do something around that if you think it will be helpful.

For example, through webinars, ask-the-author, or something along those lines.

I’ll be happy to come and give a talk if you are that keen!

I am not employed by any university, so I do not have access to the usual perks of academic life (such as travel expenses, salary etc.).

This means that I do not have access to many journal articles behind paywalls. If you have any recommendations of books or articles, a pdf attachment would be very useful if you can send it!



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