Religion: the Basics

2nd edition. 2008. Routledge. London and New York.

1st edition. 2003


My book Religion the Basics, currently in its second edition, is used on reading lists in many different universities across the world.

This really pleases me, I wrote the book to be read and to get people thinking about the topics in the book.

I am currently working on a new edition of Religion the Basics, with a number of changes and updates to it. If you want to track some of those changes, then I have part of this website dedicated to the third edition.

In this part of the website I am going to add some resources to complement the book, and to also explore ways in which readers of the books can engage critically with the project of the book.

At present I am not teaching, and this is something I really miss.

It was the years of teaching in several departments of religion in the UK that led me to initially put pen to paper and create Religion the Basics.

Like all writers, the process of writing a book such as this comes from engagement with many different people. Not only the experts and learned members of the academy, but also the students and readers who year after year engage with the ideas, approaches and self understanding that the degree process entails.

I have often pointed out to students that an education is a two way process. The teachers (the ‘professors’) are as much educated by teaching their subjects as the students who are required to sit in their classes.

So, if you like Religion the Basics, and would like me to contribute to your learning around the subject do get in touch with me.

Watch this space for further development… I am still getting this website up and running.