Podcast RB007 –

Culture in Religion: there is no gap


Having talked a little about religion in culture, we now reverse that.

The next challenge is to find culture in religion.

As we explore this, we will begin to find that it is no so easy to distinguish the two. An example of culture in religion might also be seen the other way around, as religion in culture. This is not a problem, as it highlights the main issue – that religion and culture are not so easily distinguished.

Even though we are used to the warning to ‘mind the gap’, in fact there is no gap.

If you have seen the first of the Matrix films, you may recall the visit that the protagonist Neo makes to woman known as The Oracle, where he meets with a young boy (called ‘Spoon Boy’ in the credits) who is working hard on a trick with a spoon (a clip of this part of the film can be seen here).

Culture is the medium through which religion is done, and cultural differences often are the means by which religions differ.


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RB007 Culture in Religion – there is no gap (Religion Bites Podcast)

by Malory Nye time to read: 1 min