Podcast: RB001

Introduction to Religion Bites



What is Religion Bites?

This is the introductory episode for the Religion Bites podcast series.

I am Malory Nye and you can see details about who I am here.

The Religion Bites podcast aims to help you think a bit further about the issues of religion and culture in the contemporary world.

I have been teaching religious studies for many years, and I have written several books about religion – including the book Religion the Basics, which has been on reading lists across the world for over a decade.

I do not believe that religion is dead, and neither do I write from the view that religion is the answer to all the problems of the world. I do not follow a particular religion, and have no particular ‘axe to grind’ about faith and religion.

Religion continues to be important to many people in the world. It is not likely to ‘go away’. So if we want to understand today’s world, we need to ‘get’ why people are religious – why they ‘do religion’ in the many ways that religion is done.


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RB001 Introduction to Religion Bites (Religion Bites Podcast)

by Malory Nye time to read: 1 min