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The Challenges of Multiculturalism

In this podcast I talk about six key issues related to how multiculturalism works in contemporary society. These are the challenges of multiculturalism.

The issues are:

  • multiculturalism as a process
  • multiculturalism requires the keeping of the peace (and the avoidance of violence)
  • multiculturalism and the distribution of wealth
  • the role of education in the development of multicultural citizenship
  • ideology, discourse, and identity
  • religion as a significant element of diversity and identity

These relate to major themes of the book on the challenges of multiculturalism that I am currently writing, and hope to have in print by the end of this year.

If you would like to read further about these issues, I wrote a paper in 2007 on the challenges of multiculturalism, which is available here. My book Multiculturalism and Minority Religions also covers many of these issues.

Thanks for listening!

The following Slideshare presentation also relates to this podcast, although it covers slightly different ground:
[slideshare id=34257458&doc=malorynyeintrotomulticulturalism-140504080918-phpapp02]


Also check out the short Youtube video I have made on the challenges of multiculturalism:

Nye:002 The challenges of multiculturalism (Podcast)

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