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Malory Nye

published on 1 May 2015

There is a possibility that the 7 May 2015 General Election will be the last such UK election that includes Scotland.

Imagine the (unlikely) scenario that a triumphant SNP vote elects all 59 Scottish MPs, giving a very clear mandate for a review of the issue of independence. As the largest ‘third’ party in the Commons, the SNP are able to form an alliance with a severely curtailed and dejected Labour minority government, who have learnt the lesson of adamant unionism.

This results in some form of second referendum, on the basis of the SNP mandate for change. Then, the Scottish electorate welcome the chance to revisit the #Indyref issues, and express their distaste for Westminster politics by choosing independence this second time around.

It is hardly likely, but it is a possibility. Scottish independence will not happen quite so quickly or easily, but as I have argued in my new book, independence will happen at some point.

This is despite the mighty strength of British nationalism, that thing that few people wish to acknowledge. British nationalism is very much alive, it is indeed thriving.


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British nationalism: a love that dares not speak its own name

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